About Me

I designed protein sequences expected to fold into structures forming alphabets in my name

Training and Research Experience

I'm a bioscientist with a sort of multidisciplinary mindset. I've undergone training as a Protein Engineer (Synthetic Biology), and I've acquired a broad expertise in Protein Science. My research works have been in the areas of protein engineering and design, protein X-ray crystallography, drug discovery, molecular dynamics simulation, and food-derived bioactive peptides.

My PhD research focused primarily on the exploration and development of accessible strategies for engineering and reprogramming protease substrate specificity using directed evolution and computational protein design methods. During my PhD, I developed a dual positive and negative protease selection system named PASCAR (acronym for proteolysis-triggered bacterial suicide and antibiotic resistance).

My experience with MD simulations has led to the development of a computational program for automated GROMACS-based MD simulations and trajectory analyses. The code, which I named CHAPERONg, was written in Bash and Python. It automates the entire protein (and protein complexes) MD simulation pipelines for conventional and enhanced (umbrella) sampling simulations whilst maintaining the flexibility that GROMACS offers. It also automates extensive analyses of MD simulation trajectories.

Since my research works have always involved the use of SOTA tools and approaches in computational structural biology, I tend to follow the literature and latest advancements very closely. That means I frequently come across cool tools and methods. I try to systematically keep track of and organize what I read/come across to make it easier for me to go back to the materials when needed, especially with the recent rise in the number of tools and methods for biomolecular modeling and design. Then, I thought it might be helpful to share these resources with other people who might potentially find them useful as well. So, I created the BioMoDes repository, a collection of SOTA and emerging tools and methods for biomolecular modeling and design. I also share the updates on the BioMoDes repository via my free weekly "BioMoDes and Top Reads" newsletter.


  • PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology                                                  2023
    University of Science and Technology of China, China

  • MSc, Biochemistry                                                                                         2016
    University of Ilorin, Nigeria

  • BSc, Biochemistry                                                                                          2013
    University of Ilorin, Nigeria