Research Interests & Publications

Research Interests

  •   Protein Engineering and Design

  •   Directed Evolution

  •  Protein Crystallography

  •   Drug Discovery

  •  Molecular Dynamics Simulation

  •   Bioactive Peptides

  •  Machine Learning


* corresponding author(s)
# co-first authors

  1. Durojaye OA#, Yekeen AA#, Idris MO, Okoro NO, Odiba AS, & Nwanguma BC. (2024). Investigation of the MDM2-binding potential of de novo designed peptides using enhanced sampling simulations, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. [Link] [PDF]

  2. Yekeen AA*, Durojaye OA, Idris MO, Muritala HF, & Arise RO*. (2023). CHAPERONg: A tool for automated GROMACS-based molecular dynamics simulations and trajectory analyses, Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 21: 4849-4858. [Link] [Link] [PDF]

  3. Yekeen AA*, Durojaye OA, Idris MO, Muritala HF, & Arise RO*. (2023). CHAPERONg: A tool for automated GROMACS-based molecular dynamics simulations and trajectory analyses, bioRxiv 2023.2007.2001.546945. [Link (Preprint)] [PDF(Preprint)]

  4. Yekeen AA, Zhang L, Liu H*, & Chen Q*. (2023). Simultaneous positive and negative selection of proteases in bacterium based on cell suicide and antibiotic resistance, Biotechnology Journal 18(6), 2200488. [Link] [PDF]

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  6. Durojaye OA*, Sedzro DM, Idris MO*, Yekeen AA*, Fadahunsi AA, & Alakanse OS. (2022). Identification of a potential mRNA-based vaccine candidate against the SARS-CoV-2 Spike glycoprotein: A reverse vaccinology approach, ChemistrySelect 7(7), e202103903. [Link] [PDF]

  7. Idris MO, Yekeen AA*, Alakanse OS, & Durojaye OA*. (2021). Computer-aided screening for potential TMPRSS2 inhibitors: A combination of pharmacophore modeling, molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation approaches, Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 39(15): 5638–5656. [Link] [PDF]

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